Mark Zuckerberg Thinks Facebook Has Made World A Better Place But Some Experts Don’t Agree With It

There are very few tech startups which stay in business for more than ten years, but when it comes to social media giant Facebook, no one had anticipated that this company would create that much impact on ordinary people’s lives. Recently Facebook celebrated its 15th anniversary, and on that occasion, Mark wrote a letter in which he mentioned his visions about Facebook in upcoming years. However, most importantly he said in that letter social media platform Facebook has contributed a lot to humanity also it changed the world. If we look carefully into Mark’s statement, then one thing’s sure that Facebook has changed the world a lot, but some experts are questioning that it hasn’t changed it positively. Social media has got huge influence on ordinary people’s life because on an average a person would spend more than one-hour using facebook.

Some reports show that Facebook has been used in a very negative way by political parties to spread their propaganda and company failed to control such activities. There have been some cases where Facebook was used in spreading false rumor during riots in south Asian countries for which company got lots of criticisms. On the other hand, if we look into Facebook’s data privacy policy, then it shows how much vulnerable a facebook users data are because a few months ago EU charged a massive amount of penalty on Facebook for violating some rules of GDPR. Mark Zuckerberg has always been a topic of debate for many analysts because the company is dominating social media Market after it acquired Instagram, Whatsapp which were a top threat for the company’s popularity.

However, even if Mark thinks Facebook is changing the world then it shall do that in a good way otherwise no social media platform has created a good impact on ordinary people’s lives.

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