Reporters Of Washington Post Are Criticizing their OWn Newspaper For Spending Too Much Money on Super Bowl Ad

Sometimes it’s not necessary that a company shall get criticism from its competitors only because on special occasions even insiders can also criticize their own company for doing which is not required. According to a recent report, Washington Post is getting a massive bashing from their own reporters after seeing company which has spent a tremendous amount of money on promoting its business by sponsoring an Ad on Superbowl Sunday. Super Bowl is undoubtedly one of the most significant sports events in the USA, and it seems like this time Washington post has spent millions of dollars since company’s Super Bowl Ad featured famous Hollywood actor Tom Hank also. Super Bowl Ad of Washington Post’s was about how journalism works and how many journalists who worked for company died while giving rightful pierce of information to the country. At the end of the Ad Tom Hanks says “Knowing helps us decide. Knowing keeps us free.”

Now after this super expensive Ad on Sunday’s super bowl show many people especially the company’s own reporters showed their anger through social media platforms. Company’s employees mentioned how WP shouldn’t have spent that much amount of money on promoting its business. Instead, it should’ve given its real hard working employees who take the risk of their lives to provide accurate news. When Jeff Bezos posted that he is grateful for a journalist who is working for Washington posts and around the world, some journalists took the chance and criticized Jeff for paying less amount of wages to his own workers. Reporters are arguing that instead of spending money in that way it should have been spent on health benefits and equal pay issues which can help its real journalists and their families also.

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