Workplace Messaging App Company Slack Filed For Initial Public Offering

In silicon valley, there are many startups which are on the verge of getting massive success by going public, but as of now, it seems like Slack is that tech company. Slack, which is a workplace messaging app company has reportedly filed for an initial public offering, and soon it will raise a tremendous amount of money by giving its shares to ordinary investors. Slack which is San Francisco based tech startup did not reveal any further information about the company’s IPO. A few days ago company hired Goldman Sachs for its IPO procedure and since the company has submitted required documented to now, SEC will examine each of those documents. There are many privately owned companies which in this year will go public because currently many private investors are hoping to earn a good amount of money by taking their private shares to IPO. Tech startups which have bright future are considered as “unicorns startups” by private investors also that’s why often these companies are highly valued.

Earlier in December two big startup companies from Silicon Valley Uber and Lyft also filed for a private-public offering. However, both companies applications were not reviewed by the SEC because of the government shutdown situation. But now government shutdown has been lifted by trump administration. It seems like Slack might get its approval for IPO from SEC way earlier than anyone’s expectations. Experts believe that Slack’s IPO will be successful because according to recent report private investors valued the company at $7.1 billion which indicates lots of good things for Slack’s individual investors. Slack so far has received a more than $1 billion of investments from Softbank, Vision Fund, General Atlantic and many other large investment firms. It will be interesting to see how much public value Slack will get if it goes public.

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