For Issuing Some Creepy Napkins Delta And Coca-Cola Are Now Apologizing To Passengers

Sometimes people will shock to see some weird things, and it seems like every passenger on Delta airlines is witnessing those things. Because recently it’s been reported that Coca Cola has been giving some weird napkins to all Delta passengers. The Diet Coke napkins have been printed with following lines “because you are on a plane full of interesting people and hey … you never know.” Now after getting such type of napkins from one of the largest cold drink making company many people are getting furious about it. We looked into this napkin; it’s been found that on back of each napkin there are spaces given to write your name and phone number. It also includes a suggestion which says “be a little old school. Write down your number and give it your plane crush. you never know…”

Now those who were traveling through Delta airlines and received such type of napkins took their rage over social media. Many people on Twitter commented with a photo of such napkins and said that Cock Cola should stop giving such type of napkins to Delta passengers. There are some group of people who have liked this type of marketing because they think it’s fun and quite enjoyable. But, the majority of them seem to be much frustrated after looking at those creepy napkins. It looks like some people do really like to see products getting promoted in a uniquely funny way. However, giving those napkins which tell people to mingle with their co-passengers is not a good way of promotion. Soon after that much criticism Coca Cola officially apologized in their statement and said that they’re removing those napkins by cooperating with Delta

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