Pepsico Will Soon Going To Release Its Fourth Quarter Earning Report

If there is any company which is dominating the cold drink industry form last many decades then its PepsiCo. Currently, everyone on the wall street is expecting PepsiCo’s Q4 earnings report because a few days ago its rival Coca-Cola shocked everyone when the company said that it would earn less than estimated amount of revenue. Coca-cola on Thursday reported their estimated earnings report in which company’s officials said that it would not be able to make expected revenues because of global slowdown and trade war issues. On wall street Thursday was one of the toughest days for Coca-Cola since company’s shares went down by more than five percent. Now everyone’s expecting what kind of result will Pepsi bring to the market. Some analysts are saying that PepsiCo will also report a less amount of revenue than analysts expectations which might take company’s shares down on.

According to some analyst, PepsiCo will manage to give an EPS of $1.49, and it will report $19.50 billion of revenues for the fourth quarter ending but those are just analysts expectations, and we will have to wait for the actual results. If we look at Coca-Cola which is the only biggest rival of PepsiCo, then it shows us that beverage industry is not performing well from last few months. Oracle of Omaha aka Warren Buffett who is the largest investor of Coca-Cola a few months ago said that the company now has changed a lot. Now all inventors of Coca-Cola will carefully be watching earning reports of PepsiCo since it might bring some good news for them.

The global economic slowdown and a trade dispute between US-China are affecting many companies financial position. Now investors will have to wait and see whether PepsiCo will report a good amount of revenue or not.

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